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Great dentist. I HATE getting my teeth worked on, but the team here made it as pleasant as possible. Had to have 11 cavities fixed and a cap put in place. Couldn't be happier with the results. The new front desk lady is fantastic as well. Will continue to go back for cleanings and any work that I need done. Dr woo really is great at making sure the bite is perfect:)!!

-Ben G. (patient)


Prior to becoming patient at W Dentistry, it was hard to imagine a positive experience at the dentist.  Dr. Woo and her staff are outstanding, and the treatment is nearly spa-like.  After being brought into the room, I was offered a heated lavender neck wrap which I gladly accepted.  The hospitality did not end here.  Next, my legs were covered with a warm blanket and I was given the option of a paraffin wax soak for my hands.  This was, admittedly, my first time ever feeling relaxed during a visit to the dentist.

During my examination and cleaning, Dr. Woo and her assistant were very thorough, kind, and careful.  She has all of the latest technologies, and makes sure that you are aware of what is happening the entire time.  At the end of the appointment, she showed me close-up pictures of my teeth and explained the next steps that we should take to resolve issues that she had found.  I left feeling thrilled about my experience and will definitely be a patient here for a very long time.

-Jake S. (patient)


Coming from having two terrible dentist experiences in the past, I had grown to HATE the dentist. Knowing that I needed to go however, I finally made the appointment with Dr. Woo based on word of mouth, and I am SO glad that I did! From the second I walked in I was greeted by her friendly front desk manager Tracy, who helped lighten the mood with some laughter. I then was taken back into what is a spa-like environment (shout out to Jacob for great reference). I was offered a paraffin hand-dip with warm hand wraps, a lavender scented heated neck pillow, my own iPod with Pandora, and a fleece blanket for my legs. There was also a TV screen in front me that had a very tranquil picture of a sunrise/sunset over a marina.

Having not been to the dentist in over a year I had to get my entire mouth x-rayed and then it was onto the cleaning. The dental assistant Lorinda was great and very kind knowing I hated the dentist. Dr. Woo was very kind as well and made me feel very comfortable. They were also great about checking in with me to make sure I was doing ok. I was informed in detail of what was going on, what the next steps would be, and how best to proceed.

From the relaxing environment to the friendly staff, I left W Dentistry with a different outlook on the dentist and will definitely be a patient for years to come. :-

-Amanda D. (patient)


I searched for quite a while for a new dentist when I moved to the area. Finally a coworker mentioned that she started going to Dr. Woo and the experience was amazing. I scheduled an appointment and that's where it started. Dr. Woo has state of the art equipment and a gentle touch. I have never left in pain or feeling like the experience could have been any better. I have found my dentist!!!!

-Adam G. (patient)


I can't explain how happy I am to find W Dentistry. I have had some of the worst dental experiences since childhood and simple cleanings cause extreme anxiety. I found Dr. Woo from a word of mouth referral, upon my first visit I knew I'd found the best dentist in Issaquah. The office staff is fantastic and Dr. Woo is the most thorough dentist I've EVER met. She doesn't try and make you feel bad if you have avoided the dentist for long periods of time, she does her best to create a relaxed environment, even creating a spa like experience with a neck wrap and wax hand treatment. If you have been avoiding the dentist give Dr. Woo a chance, she will change your mind.

-Crystal T. (patient)


Dr. Woo and her entire staff have consistently provided exceptional service in meeting all my dental needs.   The entire process starts with the warm and professional greeting from Tracy at the front desk and continues to the gentle and thorough procedure on the dental chair from Rox and Cassie.    Dr. Woo has a clear passion for her profession and this is exemplified in her attention to the needs of each patient and her expertise at numerous dental procedures.  My childhood fears of the dentist office have been completely alleviated.   Aside from the great dental work, I very much appreciate the thorough explanation of services to be performed and any cost involved.  There is absolutely no pressure to have procedures done.   Overall, the encouragement provided by the entire staff has encourages to me improve my dental hygiene.   I will continue to recommend Dr. Woo to my friends, relative and work colleagues.

-Kabir J. (patient)


Having had mostly terrible experiences as the Dentist, Dr. Kari Woo and her staff, especially, Tracy have been amazing to work with!  Knowing that I needed to have 4 wisdom teeth removed was daunting for me, but Kari and her team took care of everything down to the last detail.  They were amazing to work with and I feel so blessed to have found such amazing people!  After less than 2 weeks from surgery, I am doing much better than I expected and haven't experienced any of the horror stories you hear about.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist experience!

-Mysti A. (patient)


 I've been to more than a handful of dentists in my life and some were very good, but none were better than Dr. Kari Woo and her staff at W-Dentistry.  

As others have noted, every person that you deal with in the office is very helpful and seems to be genuinely interested in making sure you have a comfortable, pleasant visit.  I suspect much of this success starts with Dr. Woo, but is also a result that this is a single dentist, sole proprietorship office and not a franchised office with multiple dentists and excessive staff that quickly loses the caring attitude you get here.

On my first visit, Dr. Woo performed a thorough exam and cleaning, after which she explained the results and recommended treatment, with pictures taken during the exam to support her suggestions ( a big help in my opinion) with some options based on what questions or concerns you may have.

I had several cavities filled during subsequent visits and must say Dr. Woo did a great job, again showing before and after pictures, so you can see what you're getting for the money (again, a big plus for me).  I got the feeling she really cares about doing a great job and while I am no expert, the results clearly show she knows both the science and artistry of dental work, with the end product looking as good as the originals ever did!

The only aspect that could be improved is the office availability, with current hours on M-Thurs only.  Would be great to see Friday hours added, but not at the expense of adding another dentist ever and losing the culture, atmosphere and quality Dr. Woo has built in her practice. 

For all these reasons, I would highly recommend Dr. Woo and W-Dentistry

-Tom T. (patient)


Dr. Woo and her staff are wonderful!  I have been going to Dr. Woo for over a year. Tracey at the front desk is very accomidating with scheduling. They even opened an extra day for me. She always remembers I can only come in on Mondays and is very welcoming and asks about my kiddo.  Tracey always checks with my insurance right away to verify what is covered and to give me an estimate of what I can expect to pay.  She is very responsive to email. Dr. Woo is great! She always takes the time to explain things to me. She shows me problem areas using a camera and tv monitor so I can see what she is talking about. She is never rushed. Dr. Woo took care of some cavities for me. I had a paraffin hand wrap, a warm neck wrap, tucked in with a blanket, and headphones with music of my choice. I was so comfortable I actually fell asleep. Since I had multiple cavities filled, I needed a few minor adjustments to align my top and bottom teeth to fit comfortably together.  Dr. Woo always welcomed me back. She wanted to make sure everything fit properly.  It is easy to get to their office and there is ample parking.  I would highly recommend them!

-Holly W. (patient)


I would highly recommend W Dentistry to all my friends and family or anyone looking for a great dentist that actually cares to help your oral health. Dr. Woo is not only gentle but she always try's to find the most conservative ways for treatment needed.

I had some fillings done on two lower molars at another office and let me tell you I was so disappointed I could barely eat on my right side or floss the tooth  for months . I went back to the office that did the fillings and I kept getting the same answer sometimes composite fillings take longer to heal. Or I might need a root canal. After a on going back and forth with that office I gave up and started seeking for a second opinion.  Dr woo ordered an X-ray and comes to find out there was a perfect circle in my tooth and decay left on my other molar, at the time we both were surprised of the X-ray. Dr. Woo explains different options I had and I decided to go ahead and get  both fillings redone. She explained that sense my tooth was so sensitive that it could already affected my nerve and it could possibly need a root canal if redoing the filling didn't work. I agreed and let Dr. Woo redo my fillings. I was so nervous to get dental work again due to my past experience. At my appointment I got a paraffin hand wax a neck roll and blanket. To make me feel more comfortable. I was very pleased after my appointment. Dr Woo showed me pictures of the fillings before during and after photos. Turns out my perfect circle in my tooth causing me pain was a giant hole still left in my tooth. The other molar she worked on she found more decay under the fillings they missed .Not sure how that happens but I'm so happy I decided to let Dr Woo redo my fillings. After the first two days I could finally eat on my right side again and floss with out cringing! I couldn't be happier and will be returning to her office for cleaning and etc.

-Erica R. (patient)


I was looking for a dentist near my home.  I found Dr. Woo after doing some online searching and am so glad I found her! She's a great dentist!  She explains everything in thorough detail and answers any questions that you may have about certain procedures.  I had to get all of my wisdom teeth extracted, and Dr. Woo was great before, during and after the procedure.  She truly cares about her patients.  Roxy (one of the hygienists) and Tracy (front desk) are great as well!

Also, every time I come here, it feels like I'm going to the spa instead of the dentist.  They give you an option of a paraffin hand treatment, neck pillows, blankets, iPods with Pandora music, etc while you're sitting in the dentist chair.  Last time I was in for a visit, Dr. Woo was running late and I got a Starbucks gift card for having to wait longer than usual.

-Kim L. (patient)



Dentist or Spa? This place is amazing! Let me walk you thru my experience. I check-in, then am escorted to an area to get my hands dipped in a paraffin wax dip. Then I go to the dentist chair, get wrapped in a soft blanket and  a heated aroma therapy neck pillow while I get my teeth worked on. That's right HEATED AROMA THERAPY! I leave with baby soft hands, relaxed and my teeth looking good.

The most comfortable dentist experience you will ever have. And I'm sorry but if you don't care to be pampered while getting your dental services done... well that's just plain UnAmerican.

I used to go to a different dentist but because I have more complicated issues dealing with my jaw I had to seek out more comprehensive treatment and discovered W Dentistry. I don't know how anyone can go back.

I highly, highly, recommend this place!

-Lydia L. (patient)


The best experience I have ever had with a dentist !! Nothing scares me more than going to dentist, specially my last check up was more than 2 years ago. The detal office is really inviting, modern and clean. Staff is nice and accommodating specially the office manager Tracy, who always make sure I have a great experience.
Dr.Woo is very knowledgeable, professional and very detail oriented. I love that I can look forward to my dental visits because I am in such good hands and you can sit back relax and listen to good music. Thank you so much Dr. Woo and her team ! Outstanding job!

-Kelly C. (patient)


My wife and I are with W Dentistry since we move to Issaquah. I have all wisdom teeth extraction in one day. Dr. Woo and her team have great sense of humor, ability to understand details and communicate expectations seamlessly. They have demonstrated a strong team work ethic and always have the customer opinions come first.
Having all 4 wisdom teeth extracted in same day and return to work the next day does not show my strength of recovery but skills of W Dentistry. Flexible time and understanding of many last minutes cancellations due to job emergencies, follow up calls after appointments are two main reasons turning my wife and me as its fan.
My vote of confidence and satisfaction always remain with Dr. Woo and her team.

-ChewYoong C. (patient)


Let me be the first to say, I've always been afraid of the dentist - the judgement, the pain, the anxiety... I feel NONE of this at W Dentistry, really. The entire staff is absolutely fantastic, they're always so friendly & warm when I walk in the door. Dr. Woo was great about setting up a treatment plan after my first visit & walking me through all the procedures I needed done (from a cavity, to a crown, to my wisdom teeth). Dr. Woo takes the time to answer all of my crazy detailed questions & the office has always been very accommodating to my busy work schedule while also juggling 2 kids! I am always handled with GREAT care & feel like they all are truly interested in providing me with the best care. I would & do recommend them to anyone who asks. If you're looking for a new dentist or need one in the area, W Dentistry is it, pull the trigger, you won't regret.

-Jessica F. (patient)


My dental experience before Dr. Woo was always very uncomfortable. The tools unfamiliar and loud, the offices cold, and the doctors were jaded and impersonal. I used to despise and fear the dentist office but Dr. Woo has completely changed my whole outlook. I enjoy the dentist now and I take pride in caring for my teeth. Dr Kari Woo goes the extra mile to make you feel taken care of. She explains everything she is doing while she does it and verifies you are happy throughout each process, im sure this would be especially great for kids. She has all the latest dental technology plus a screen showing beautiful sceneries for you to stare blissfully into and an ipod and headphones for you to play music while she does your dental work. Dr. Woo is extremely smart, and compassionate. She actually cares deeply for each and every one of her patients, it's beautiful. And to top it all off, she employs people similar to herself, outrageously friendly and qualified! Great receptionists and dental assistants are the icing on the cake. I wrote this review because I feel everyone deserves a great dental experience and someone's review helped me find her so I'm returning the favor :) go see her, you won't regret it!

-Clare G. (patient)


My overall experience with W Dentistry was fantastic. It was very quick and easy to get scheduled within a few weeks for a cleaning. Cassie the hygienist was very professional and knowledgeable. I knew I was in very good hands for my cleaning. Doctor Woo is a great dentist and very personable. I needed to get some fillings done and I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Woo's work. It was painless, quick and her work was spot on. I appreciate her honesty and skillful hands throughout my time there and highly recommend her office to anyone, it's the best!

-Ariana K. (patient)

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